Network Overview



European Age Management Network (EAMN) is a confederation of individuals and organizations, each having a background in age management, including all the fields of reaserch and practical development.


EAMN’s structuring has three levels :

    1- Local non profit associations

They are legal structures, the basis of efficiency.
Local organizations are working actually, in Austria, France, Germany and Norway.

    2- Regional level

Local associations can join together to form a regional network.
Actually, it exists 3 regional organizations :

  • NAMN : North Europe Age Management Network
  • CAMN : Center Europe Age Management Network
  • SAMN : South Europe Age Management Network
    3- European level

To facilitate the creation, structuring and functioning of the different organizations, from each level.


Membership of EAMN is open to any individuals, organizations, companies, committed to advance knowledge and practice in age management, or interested in.


EAMN’s financial resources come from the members fee, and from its own incomes.

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