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Care360 forum is freely open to allow the greatest number of freely discuss topics concerning seniors and all what is closer. However, to ensure the best quality in trade and protect users from inappropriate of unscrupulous users or insulting messages, the forum is moderated a posteriori, which means that accredited people have the ability to delete posts do not comply with this Charter. In this context, all users of the site must respect other users a citizen attitude consistent with the philosophy of the site.

You have a right of access, modification, rectification and deletion of data concerning you. You can, at any time, request that your contributions to this area of discussion be removed by simple mail.




Each Internet site and by extension all of its users are subject to the legislation of the country in which the site is hosted. Thus Medicoach and its users must comply with the French legislation. Are thus particularly prohibited (in non-exhaustive title) and where appropriate sanctioned by criminal way:

-Invasion of the privacy of others (nominal quote of third parties without their explicit consent). In this context, the sending of unsolicited e-mail to users of the site is prohibited;

-Defamation and insult;

-Incitement to crimes and offences and provocation to suicide, provocation of discrimination, including racial hatred or violence;

-An apology for all the crimes, including murder, rape, war crime and crime against humanity; the denial of crimes against humanity;

-The reproduction, representation or dissemination of a work subject to intellectual property rights not the permitting;

-Advertising or commercial messages;

-Copies of commercial software for use other than a backup copy of the conditions laid down in the code of intellectual property.




Exchanges on a forum are radically different from the traditional trade where the messages are text-based and often written quickly.

Thus, a message written in uppercase "feels" a rising tone and is often interpreted as sign of nervousness. It is the same for a follow-up message to a large number of punctuation characters. It is therefore recommended that a moderate use of this type of fireworks.

It also asked users to be applied in the preparation of their message to be avoiding abbreviations (type SMS) and checking the spelling. A message written in the language abstract or difficult to read given the number of spelling errors is likely to be deleted to ensure quality of reading of the exchanges.

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