CE-Ageing 2012 - Upcoming events

Upcoming events

19 April 2012, Paris, France  

European Joint Action on Healthy Life Years meeting "Increasing Active Healthy Ageing: How can monitoring help achieve the EU goal?”.  

The aim of the first annual meeting of the European Joint Action on Healthy Life Years is to release the new 2010 life expectancy and Healthy Life Years values for the 27 Member States (gaps and trends since 2005) as well as to discuss the strategies to reach the EU goal of an increase of 2 Healthy Life Years by 2020.

The EU structural indicator Healthy Life Years (HLY) is a disability-free life expectancy, one of the most common health expectancies reported. It is based on limitations in daily activities and therefore measures the number of remaining years that a person of a particular age can expect to live without disability.  

Additionally to the discussions between data providers, policy makers and researchers active in the area of public health information in the EU, two round tables “Improving current data quality and appropriateness” and “What information do we need to aid policy making?” will be organised.  

2 May 2012, Brussels, Belgium   

The European Year for Active Ageing “Meeting the Challenge of Europe’s Ageing Population”

This international symposium seeks to raise awareness, stimulate debate and trigger policy discussion around improving the vitality of older people, enhancing their involvement in society and removing barriers between generations. The European Union has a key role to play in areas such as employment, social protection and inclusion, public health, information society and transport, but the primary role is for national, regional and local governments, as well as civil society and the social partners to adopt clear frameworks to promote active ageing.  

Participation of all key partners, responsible authorities and stakeholders is expected and the symposium will support the exchange of ideas and encourage delegates to engage in thought-provoking topical debates

- assessing the implications of the EU’s ageing population for local, regional and national authorities;

- supporting the European Commission’s key measures for intergenerational solidarity and raising awareness of active ageing;

- assess innovative ideas in the field of healthcare that are conducive to the changing needs of older people;

- exploring how to promote the social inclusion of older people after retirement and examine the ways in which older people can continue to engage in the labour market;

- discussing how new communication technologies can benefit the well-being of older people.    

28 May – 1 June 2012, Prague, Czech Republic

IFA 11th Global Conference on Ageing “Ageing Connects”

The IFA 11th Global Conference on Ageing entitled ‘Ageing Connects” aims to positively influence age-related policies and practices with particular interest to contribute to the dialogue in the Czech Republic and its region of Eastern Europe and the neighboring region of Central Asia.   Following themes will be discussed:  

1. Older persons and development (Work and the ageing labour force; Access to knowledge, education and training; Income security, social protection/social security and poverty prevention)  

2. Advancing health and well-being into old age (Health promotion and well-being throughout life; Universal and equal access to health-care services; Mental health needs of older persons)  

3. Ensuring enabling and supportive environments (Housing and the living environment;  Care and support for caregivers; Neglect, abuse and violence)  

4. Connected technologies (Connecting services and providers – e-health, telehealth, telepresence and flips!; Engaging generations – tweets, blogs, social networks and the digital divide; Enabling older people – assistive technology, devices and products)  

For more details and information on registration fees, please go to the conference website.  

26 – 29 June 2012, Eindhoven, Netherlands  

2012 World Conference on Active Healthy Ageing and Technology  

The biennial world conference of the International Society for Gerontechnology (ISG) will take place in 2012 in cooperation with the International Symposium of Automation and Robotics in Construction (ISARC) under the umbrella of the European Year for Active Ageing 2012.  

Under the theme “Who is afraid of ageing?”, the conference will analyse all aspects of the ageing society, such as quality of life (including leisure and pleasure), home care, life-long working, retrofitting existing buildings and infrastructures and the associated new technologies, such as ICT, automation and robotics.   Detailed information about the conference is available here.

13 – 17 August 2012, Glasgow, United Kingdom  

Celebrating diversity: The 8th World Congress on Active Ageing  

The five-day world congress will celebrate the diversity of ageing, the benefits and availability of physical activity and exercise opportunities for those entering old age. It is especially targeted to those in the transitional phase with a highlight on the oldest and frailest population. Scientists, practitioners and experts from a range of professional interests and disciplines will come together to promote active ageing.  

The major congress themes will include active ageing in the prevention and self-management of the conditions associated with old age: cognitive functioning and dementia; neurological and musculoskeletal conditions; falls, fractures and bone health; and cardiovascular and respiratory conditions

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