EAMN/DAMN meeting in Wurzburg

Minutes of meeting

Date    2011, October 15th
Subject    Cooperation between DNAM and EANM
Participants    D. Gerber ; B.Hazon ; O. Jentsch ; T. Meier-Ahrens ; R.Trommer , P.H.Koch ;
Rédaction    D. Gerber; B. HAZON
Diffusion    Participants – DNAM members – EAMN members

DNAM organized its annual meeting in Wurzbürg (Germany), 2011 october 15th . It was decided that EAMN will attend this meeting, represented by B.HAZON.

Not to mention the internal issues of DANM, the main issue of this shared part of the meeting concerned the best way to create a stronger link between DNAM and EAMN, to strengthen the potential for exchange and sharing of transnational projects.

It appears that the communication, through the Website of EAMN, could be a solution, both simple and effective.

It was decided that a maximum of informations will be collected by EAMN, and spread through the Website.

All subjects focused on age management are concerned :  meetings, articles, call for projects,  questions asked by members, new rules and laws, national and regional policies.

If employment and vocational training are the core subjects, health is becoming a major issue in all the policies. It will be one main project of EAMN to organize an international conference focused on the theme “health and age management”, maybe as first joint venture between EAMN and DNAM.

The next EAMN association meeting in 2012 will even deal with this topic. Point of time and place of event will be given due notice.

Best regards

Bernard Hazon
Director of Board

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